The Brotherhood of the Snow Blower

the snow blowing brotherhoodSnow has fallen in mass quantities here in Chicagoland, and once again, men from my neighborhood are bound together in what I call “The Brotherhood of the Snow Blower.”

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Starting at about 9 ‘oclock this morning, the smell of 2-cycle engine exhaust permeated the air as we all broke through mounds of white ice with one goal in mind, “Get this driveway clean and clear before the wife awakes with a desire to hit the mall and spend money for Christmas.”

But I do enjoy my time outside in the frozen morning. As I look down the sidewalk, I see other men steering their blowers as I steer mine. I have to admit, my one neighbor, Rob, has a much larger blower than me. But he is kind and does not me and snow blowerlook at me strange. Plus, my wife said this morning that she was happy with the job my blower did, so I feel adequate. 

Speaking of the snow blowers, some of you may remember the heartache I was feeling at he end of summer when I had to put my lawn mower to bed for winter, but I must confess, my snow blower does make a nice substitute from time-to-time.

On a serious note, if you are tired of shoveling snow, and are in the market for a new power tool, a snow blower is a good investment. Mine is a Yard Machines 5.5 horse power with electric start. It works just fine, but does tend to lag with wet and heavy snowfall. I’d definitely advise others to purchase a 6.75 HP or higher model. Also, the electric start is a nice feature.

Finally, it’s always nice to spread a little ice melting product on the sidewalks after you clear the snow. Be sure to get a brand safe for concrete and grass…we don’t want to burn your hibernating lawn! Happy blowing.