Tulips: Showing Off My Early Spring Beauties

Alright ya’ll, here I have to show off my early spring tulips if you will allow me. I have been telling you guys to get your tulips planted (like since last August) and if this video and picture(s) doesn’t convince you to plant tulips this coming fall, I don’t know what will.

Honestly folks, these beautiful flowers will give you a nice little boost in the early spring (ya know, like make you just feel good about life in general) and if you are anything like me, you will drink a beer with your little Dutch ladies. Yep, I am a total ate-up weirdo! I love lawns and landscape fo’ sho’ ! …and I love my tulips.


You know the best part though?… these are just the early spring blooming tulips (today is April 4 and I am in NW Indiana) but I still have 6 more varieties (3 mid spring and 3 late spring bloomers) coming up! Yeah baby!

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Here is the link to the article I wrote last fall showing you how to plant tulips. In addition, you may want to look at my vid about protecting tulips from early spring frost damage. We gotta watch out for our babes! (I have switched to a new video host because I got some complaints that the other one I used was delivering choppy feed…hopefully this will be better for you guys)

Finally, you should order your tulips early for 2009. Seriously, over at Breck’s Bulbs (where I get mine) you can order now for Fall time delivery! It’s cool because they will ship them to you at the right time for you to get em’ in the ground. They remember so you don’t have to. Order from Breck Here. Best quality, seriously.


How To Protect Tulips From Spring Freezing Wind

Last year, we talked about planting tulips. Now that Spring is about to hit, those tulips are already sprouting and starting to charge up.

You have to think of tulip bulbs as batteries. The leaves that come up are grabbing energy from the sun and charging up the bulb, all so it can send up that beautiful flower. But if those leaves get frozen during early spring cold winds, they will wither, thus not charging the battery, and stunting or ceasing the flower output.

Long story short, here is a high definition video that I did (it’s really short too) on how to protect your tulips from later winter/early spring freezing winds. Cover those Holland beauties with plastic to create a green house effect!

As always guys, whether we are talking about grass, landscapes or gardens: It’s Always A Good Day For Lawn Care!

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