Planting Tulips The Right Way

If you haven’t had tulips in your flowerbed before, you are in for a simple and low maintenance surprise. These beautiful flowers are easy to grow, but consistently produce beautiful and colorful flowers each spring. They are one of the easiest bulbs to plant and require very little maintenance once established.

To plant tulip bulbs, select a sunny, well drained area in your flowerbed. Tulips don’t need a lot of water, and in many areas do fine with just normal rainfall or light watering. There are many varieties of tulips available, so be sure to check on your package label for specific instructions regarding planting depth and spacing. Tulips should be planted in the fall once the weather starts to cool down, but before the ground freezes.

As a general rule, plant tulips about 6 inches apart. Each bulb will be planted in its own hole. Large bulbs are usually planted 8-10 inches deep while smaller bulbs can be planted about 6 inches deep. Place the bulbs in each hole with the flat root side down. Make sure that you carefully place the bulbs into each hole so that they are in the correct position to grow. Cover the bulbs with the removed soil and pack lightly. Water each bulb immediately after planting.

If you want your tulip blooms to look their best mid-spring when they bloom, apply fertilizer to the tulips when the leaves start to come out in the early spring. After blooming, remove flower heads, but let the leaves remain until fall. If you start to notice that your bulbs are flowering less than in years past, consider dividing your bulbs for the next year.

Tulips are an easy to grow bulb that will look great in your springtime garden. Whether you are a novice gardener or a seasoned expert, consider adding some tulips to your flowerbed this fall.

Later Spring Tulip Trimming And Care

Now that some of our tulips are spent for the season, we want to make sure to help them recharge their bulbs to the max! What that means is you cut the stems where flowers once were. Watch the vid below:

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