Time To Start Watering Your Lawn

Hey there lawn care enthusiasts! Hope you are having a productive and green weekend! In fact, I have just returned in from a long day of lawn chores, and, without a doubt, I can tell you that it is time to start thinking about, and actually executing, your lawn watering plan for the season. Yes, I said “lawn watering plan,” and I have a good reason for that: if you don’t plan it, you won’t execute it.

Here are some quick tips for you to include in your lawn watering plan this season:

Water Consistently

First off, you need to give your grass consistent irrigation throughout the week. It’s not a good idea to let the lawn go dry and almost dormant before you give it some water. You almost have to train it to get just the right amount of moisture on a very consistent basis. Consistent watering will make the root system of the lawn grow healthy and deep, and that is what we want.

Water Deeply

Being on a schedule is a good thing, make sure your water your lawn uses your water property so it’s not wasted. When you do irrigate the lawn, make sure you are getting a good 1/2 inch of water down in every space of the turf. If you are unsure how long it takes to get the 1/2 inch of water, buy a rain gauge, and leave it out in several areas while your sprinklers are on.

In most cases, leaving the sprinkler out in a spot for one hour will give you very close to that 1/2 inch we are going for.

The last thing to think about is the time of day you water. I highly recommend mornings prior to 10 AM. If you can do that, water a consistent three times per week, and water deep, you will be all good all summer long. And, your grass will stand up tall and green!

Starting To Think About Lawn Irrigation And Watering

It’s a little early yet, but you should have this information soon, before it comes upon us and we miss it. This info is all about lawn watering. Because I know you guys are doing everything I say about lawn cutting, lawn fertilizing, and everything else, this one becomes even more important as the summer draws near.

Water Deeply and Infrequently

The first thing to know is that you need to water your lawn deeply when you do, and not really too often. What that means is it is better to soak the lawn a couple of times per week than it is to water for 10 minutes every single day. This really is one of the biggest mistakes that people make with their automatic irrigation systems and lawn watering. If you have an underground sprinkler system, chances are it is set to water daily for a few minutes per zone. This causes shallow rooting in the lawn (a spongy condition) because the water is not penetrating deeply, it’s hanging on the surface.

Water the Lawn Consistently

You can’t stop watering during the month of July and then suddenly start up again in early August, only to stop again at the end of the summer. If you do this, you are actually harming and weakening the turf root system, as it is forced to come in and out of summer dormancy.

Lawns go brown and dormant in summer if they do not get enough moisture. This is okay as long as you don’t take the lawn in and out of this stage multiple times during the year. Summer dormancy is a defense mechanism and if you let that defense kick in, you need to let it run its course.

Along with proper lawn watering, continue to mow tall and keep it fertilized. If you water right, and mow and fertilize, your lawn can stay nice and green all summer long, and that’s just what we’re looking for!