Summer Lawn Care Encouragement

This time of year the weather is blazing hot and many of you are about to give up on your lawn care for the season. I understand that feeling believe it or not.

I believe it because you are tired of mowing, watering, trimming, fertilizing and whatever other chores your turf requires. You are at the end of the summer and you really want to try and enjoy that last few days before the cold weather rushes in.

But let me encourage you to press on and work hard until the end; it will pay off.

Right now, I need you to plan on fertilizing your lawn this weekend. Use a solid organic lawn fertilizer such as Milorganite or Ringer that will release nitrogen and some phosphorus slowly into the soil. This slow-feed will encourage the lawn to strengthen its root system heading into fall.

In addition, don’t stop watering no matter how high that water bill gets! Your grass needs sufficient moisture to stay healthy and green during these stressful end of summer months.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t slack on your cutting. It is very tempting to let the lawn grow longer than normal this time of year, but keep in mind, cutting too much of the grass blade off during periods of heat and drought can stress the lawn into early dormancy.

The main point here is to press on guys! Don’t give up on your grass, and your grass won’t give up on you!

June Lawn Watering Tips For Homeowners

Now that we are fully into the early heat wave of June, it is time I remind you guys of the best watering habits for your lawn. Around the Midwest, temperatures have been hovering in the eighties, with a couple days last week jumping into the low nineties. That means your lawn’s root system is under stress and proper irrigation is more important than ever. Follow these tips starting now:

Water Deep

When you throw out your sprinkler, make sure to leave it out so that at least 1/2 ” of water is laid evenly across the ares being irrigated. The simplest way to measure water output is to lay out a tuna can, and when it is half full, you got your half inch.

Of course, as long as I have been doing lawns, I have yet to see a tuna can in someone’s front yard. That means that you guys just won’t do that so if you want to water deep without measuring, I would leave the sprinkler out in the zone for 45 minutes 2-3 times a week and you’ll be just fine!

Water Consistently

You do not want your lawn to go in and out of summer dormancy. This is very stressful to the turf and will thin out the root system over time. If you let the lawn go dormant, that is fine but don’t bring it out until fall. However, if you are going to water, make sure you follow a fairly regular schedule of every other day or every third day. This way the lawn will grow accustomed to the schedule and stay strong.

Water In The Morning

I prefer you get your watering done before 10AM when you do. We never want to water in the evening because after your finish and turn off the sprinkler for the night, the water sits there all night in the summer evening heat and fungus can form. If you water in the mornings, however, the grass drinks and the rest is evaporated away naturally.

If you follow these irrigation tips starting now, your lawn will be ready for July and August summer heat!