Tulips: Showing Off My Early Spring Beauties

Alright ya’ll, here I have to show off my early spring tulips if you will allow me. I have been telling you guys to get your tulips planted (like since last August) and if this video and picture(s) doesn’t convince you to plant tulips this coming fall, I don’t know what will.

Honestly folks, these beautiful flowers will give you a nice little boost in the early spring (ya know, like make you just feel good about life in general) and if you are anything like me, you will drink a beer with your little Dutch ladies. Yep, I am a total ate-up weirdo! I love lawns and landscape fo’ sho’ ! …and I love my tulips.


You know the best part though?… these are just the early spring blooming tulips (today is April 4 and I am in NW Indiana) but I still have 6 more varieties (3 mid spring and 3 late spring bloomers) coming up! Yeah baby!

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Here is the link to the article I wrote last fall showing you how to plant tulips. In addition, you may want to look at my vid about protecting tulips from early spring frost damage. We gotta watch out for our babes! (I have switched to a new video host because I got some complaints that the other one I used was delivering choppy feed…hopefully this will be better for you guys)

Finally, you should order your tulips early for 2009. Seriously, over at Breck’s Bulbs (where I get mine) you can order now for Fall time delivery! It’s cool because they will ship them to you at the right time for you to get em’ in the ground. They remember so you don’t have to. Order from Breck Here. Best quality, seriously.


How To Plant 300 Tulips in One Hour

Here are step by step instructions and pictures that will show you all how to plant a large grouping of tulips. Keep in mind that tulips in large groups can offer a very stunning spring display. Here are a few basic guidelines:

First, realize that there is no hard and fast rule about how far apart to plant spring bulbs. A general rule of thumb is to keep them 3 or 4″ apart, but I have found that leaves your display looking sparse. Trust me, it is ok to put tulips in rows right on top of each other!

Secondly, you don’t necessarily have to plant them point side up! They are pretty smart and know which way to send up the chute next year. However, I figure that I will plant them right side up anyway just to make their little lives easier!

Next, plant your tulips around 4 or 5″ deep unless they are in a raised bed (like in these pics) then plant them a good 6″ deep. Raised beds are more apt to freeze in winter for obvious reasons.

When you are covering your tulip bulbs with dirt, be sure to lightly tamp down each layer because it you don’t, the dirt will settle over the winter. We want those little bulbs to be snug under that fresh soil and not have a bunch of air pockets in between.

It is also a good idea to buy tulips from a professional grower and not from your local big box store. Many times the tulips you buy at Home Depot or Menards are old and rotted. Professional growers like Breck’s Bulbs will get you quality, fresh stock.
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Lastly, when planting bulbs en-mass like this, get some that are said to bloom early, some mid-spring and some late spring. This way your show will be extended and every developing as the spring goes on and on.

See the pics for more info on planting groupings of tulips.

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