Dozens of Deer Roam Free Around Oak Forest Hospital

I took this picture today over the fence of the Oak Forest Hospital, located in the south suburbs of Chicago. The hospital sits amidst 340 acres of woods and forest preserve.

I have driven by hundreds of times and always notice deer roaming amidst the trees around the campus. Last summer, I counted 24 of hem within an area the size of a football field. I cannot find any information on the net about this deer population, but from what I can tell, the entire area is fenced in, keeping the them within the hospital grounds.

Oak Forest Hospital also shares land with a Friary and Cemetery. This picture was taken as I drove down 159th St. I wanted to get into the hospital grounds to take better pictures, but it is gated and entry is forbidden for anything other than “official” business. Next time I get the sniffles, I’m there!

If anyone can give me more specifics about this large population of deer, I’d appreciate it. I love to shoot deer, but only with a camera!