Time To Buy Tulips

You guys know what a nut I am when it comes to early, mid, and late spring tulips. What you may not remember is that you have to order your tulips now (like August or Sept) in order to have them shipped to you at the right time in the fall. If you wait too late, most suppliers/growers of tulips will be sold out of the most popular colors and styles. In case you have forgotten, here are some pics of my beautiful early spring tulips.


The key with tulips is to get a lot! I know that sounds like some sort of sales pitch, but you seriously need to plant tulips by the 100s and not by the 10s. The reason is that tulips look stunning in groups of 100 or more. You can see in this post where I planted 300 tulips and that is what you see in the pics here.

The next key is to buy tulips varieties that come up in succession so you get a nice long bloom time. What that means is you should buy a batch of “early spring tulips” and a batch of “mid spring tulips” and a final grouping of “late spring tulips” and then plant them all mixed together in a large bed or space. Trust me, it is totally cool to wake up in the AM and see a bunch of red early tulips in a spot, and then the next week see them all turned to yellow, and then a month later they have all faded into orange, or whatever, I think you get the picture.

There are two great places to get the best quality tulips:

Breck’s bulbs is a great supplier and very reliable. And, I have also recently used a company I found on Amazon, see their offerings below.

Later Spring Tulip Trimming And Care

Now that some of our tulips are spent for the season, we want to make sure to help them recharge their bulbs to the max! What that means is you cut the stems where flowers once were. Watch the vid below:

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