What I’m Doing Around the Landscape Early June

bearded iris blue and yellowThis time of year (June 1st) represents a bit of a transition for me in the life of my landscape, and I thought I’d share with you some of what I am doing to prepare for the summer to come.

First off, I’ve struggled with adding vibrant color to my later Spring landscape, but have had a breakthrough this year. I have 2 beautiful Bearded Iris that I planted 3 years ago as root-tubes, and they are finally rewarding me for my patience. This is a real win for my garden as I am looking to do a lot more with bulbs and such in the coming years. (too many people are criticizing me only giving lawn tips and nothing else! :) )

gladiola popping up

I also planted some gladiola bulbs (put em’ in the ground early April) which are pushing through, and will add a nice alternative to all the yellow that my stella-de-oro daylillies bring to the pallet.

dead head tulips late mayIt is also important to dead-head your late spring tulips and daffodils as you want the leaves to recharge their bulb and roots for next year. If you remove the spent flower stalk, the energy will be used in other ways, and not to sustain a flower that’s no longer there. (this is the same principle behind pruning stella daylillies in the summer)

Finally, and most importantly, I was reacquainted with an old friend, my hand pruners. The old rusty Feldco pruners are top of the line (I paid $20) and have stuck with me since 1998; that’s 10 years! Don’t worry about the rust, that just gives them character. They are sharp as a razor, in good working order, and give me a clean cut every time. In fact, these are really the only shears I need for my landscape pruning all year!

Finally, with all this bulb talk, I wanted to share with you a fall project I have planned. I am going to build a new landscape bed on the side of my house that will measure roughly 60′ x 4′ for a total of 240 square feet. This raised bed will be filled with nearly 500 tulip bulbs varied in color and timing (early, mid and late tulips). It should be a grand project. Stay tuned!