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I guess it was inevitable that I was eventually going to write an ebook about lawn care! But I am really stoked about this because it is a step by step guide of “what to put on the lawn and when!”

Over the years, I have gotten hundreds of questions from folks asking “when should I put down fertilizer” or “when is the best time to use grub control?” or “when do I apply fertilizer an crab grass control?” or “what KIND of crab grass control do you use” or “what is the BEST weed control for killing broadleaf weeds?” etc etc. Well, guys, this book answers all those questions. This complete lawn treatment schedule will tell you exactly what to put on your lawn and when to put it down for the entire year!

In fact, this book, “Lawn Care, Step By Step” includes 3 distinct programs for you depending on what shape your lawn is currently in. There is one for “Crappy Lawns” and another for just “Fairly Decent Lawns” and a final lawn care program for “Already Nice Lawns.” Even better: it DOES NOT MATTER what time of year you start. Just start on the step that correlates with the month you are in when you buy the book! It’s always a good day for lawn care!

Want An Organic Lawn Program?

Also, keep in mind that we eventually want to get our lawns to the point where we are almost 100% organic! Remember, organically treated lawns look better anyway! But you have to start somewhere and that is what this book helps you realize…start with lawn treatment program #1 and progress to #3 in the span of just a few years! (yes, having a nice lawn does take time, but you will see incremental improvement) Just so you know, my lawn (which is pictured on this site), is 99% organically treated! Natural baby! Cool huh? You can get there too my friend.

So enough of my blabbering. The download of the book is immediate and secure using PayPal. It’s only SEVEN DOLLARS so don’t get all bent outta shape!

Remember, this is a “when to and what to” put on the lawn book, but I include links to articles that tell you “how to” also. It’s 20 pages, simple and to the point! This is the exact lawn treatment schedule I use on my own lawn! –AL