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What Order Do I Trim, Mow, Edge Blow Or Huh?

Do I weed whack first or mow? Do I edge after mowing or before? …

Today’s simple lawn care tips are mainly based on opinion: MINE. But I hafta think that other lawn care pros do it this way too because it just makes the most sense. What I’m talking about is the order in which you trim, mow, edge and blow.
Watch the video:

So, long story short, there isn’t a wrong way to do it, but there is a way that leaves things looking clean. Remember, weed whacking first allows your mower to pick up the debris created, and then edging after mowing ensures you won’t trample your nice, clean edge. Blowing always comes last, of course!

A lot of times you guys see me using a certain tool or product in the vids and you want to know more about it, so here is a list of the tools used in this one. You will notice that I don’t always use “PRO” tools in the vids. (like my cheap electric blower) That is because I try to demonstrate products that are ‘do it yourself’ AND budget friendly at the same time. Let’s face it, if you don’t do this for a living, why invest $300 in a backpack blower that you only use once per week? Anyway, here’s the stuff…

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If your lawn care ritual is different, please feel free to share and tell us why in the comments below! It’s all good in lawn care!

Summer Lawn Mowing Tips

Getting back to some easy lawn care basics, in this video I wanted to give you guys some advice on cutting your lawn the right way during the hot summer months. This is a little bit of a change from my normal lawn mowing advice that I give.

Keep in mind, we don’t want to add any undue pressure to the turf. It already is getting pressure from heat, lack of rain, insects, fungus and other things. By only cutting off just a little bit each week, we are not going to add any stress. Lawn care is simple.
Now if your lawn is still growing at a super high rate during the summer, then you are using the wrong fertilizers. We want the lawn to be green, just not super growing, if that makes sense. You can get my lawn fertilizer program here.

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