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Don’t Panic Ya’ll, Your Lawn Will Green Up This Spring

Lawn care is not a sprint, it is a marathon. So many of you guys are worried right now that your lawn is dead after winter. But that is probably not the case. I am not a psychic, so I can’t tell you why your grass ain’t as green as Mr. Jones’ next door, but what I can tell you is that your own lawn will turn green if you have a little patience and work just a bit.

Watch this short vid and look at my lawn! It ain’t green yet and it is April 4th here in NW Indiana. Am I upset and concerned> Nope! It will come along when it is ready to. All I can do it feed it, love it and drink a few beers with it, LOL! :)

Now, I know that some folks really really do have dead lawns. So I wrote an article about this last year and you can read it here: how to tell if your lawn is dead after winter. It will give you EVERYTHING you need to know.

But for the most part, it just needs proper lawn treatments. For that, I wrote a very simple to follow book on lawn care treatment schedules. I call it “Lawn Care, Step By Step” and it is good shizzy if I do say so my-own-self! The book comes with full support too! I will answer ALL of your questions in regards to the step-by-step instructions. Just ask my readers… they know how much I love grass and how passionate I am about helping them have a beautiful lawn too!

Get the book, get a green lawn!

Another article that may help you is: grub worms in spring and what to do about them.

Remember guys, lawn care doesn’t have to be difficult! It’s always a good day for lawns! I am here to help you. :)

In Florida, Extremists Push Legislation to Ban Grass!

This story comes from Lawn and Landscape Magazine. The reason I’m sharing this is that it goes to show what extremism on issues can do. On one extreme, you have homeowners who are over-watering or at least mis-watering their lawns and wasting a precious resource. On the other extreme, you have people who think the solution is to outlaw grass!

This thinking, friends, is dangerous! Read the article…

Lake County, Fla., commissioners appear to be backing away from a proposed ban on St. Augustine grass on new homes and developments. (more…)