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Spring Family Picture with My Lawn Mower

My buddy and favorite fiction writer,¬†Matt Mitchell , likes to take me to task over my open and publically¬†demonstrated love for power equipment, so I figured it was time to post this year’s first picture of me and my Lawn Boy.

Here is a picture of me being re-united with my Loving Lawn Mower after the longest winter ever!

Me and My Lawn Boy Mower!

Of course, loving your lawn mower means having a lawn mower you can truly love, and also knowing how to use it correctly; so here are a couple reminders of DIY Lawn Tips I wrote about not long ago:

Here is an article I called “Lawn Mower Buying Guide”

Here’s another one on “How to Mow Your Lawn the Right Way.”

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Von Tobel Needs some weed control

Looks like the good folks at the Von Tobel Lumber store may need to take advantage of their own sale eh?
I thought this was pretty funny.