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Why Choose Organic Lawn Fertilization?

It is no secret, I use organic lawn fertilizers on my lawn and have for several years now. I’ve used many types and brands of organics, and I can tell you straight and with great confidence that the results are astounding!

My lawn is thicker and healthier than anyone in my neighborhood and probably in my entire county for that matter! I, of course am biased, but the thickness can’t be denied! So what is the secret then? Here are the three best reasons why I like organic lawn fertilizers.

Slow Release

Organic lawn fertilizers are naturally slow releasing. This means that the nutrient goodness you get from them is trickled into the soil on a slow pace, just like nature intended. You see, if you use some of the more popular synthetic blend fertilizers out there (like the ones that are numbered with 25-0-5 for example) you are surely pushing too much growth too fast in your turf. Sure, you’ll get some fast green from them, but it is not a long term, sustainable strategy. Stick to slow release and you’ll see why I am all about it.

Better Soil

Organics will increase soil biotic activity that is good for everything that resides there including grass roots, earthworm and microbes. All of these things working in tandem creates a super stable structure for the grass to “dig” into and stay healthy for the long haul.

Stress Resistance

A healthy lawn root structure is created from the first two points I just mentioned. That leads us to the final point, and that being your lawn’s ability to resist problems, pressures and stress! These “stressors” can come in the form of drought and heat, disease or insects. A lawn that has been rooted well and given well balanced nutrient support can survive these attacks and come out on the other side with minimal issue. I find that organically treated lawns do best under adverse conditions.

With this in mind, I encourage you to start an organic lawn program this upcoming season. It’s easier than you think and the rewards are well worth the work it takes to get there!

How To “Go Green” With Your Lawn Care

Today is Earth Day and I figure that the very best way to help the environment and strengthen the Earth is to have a green, healthy lawn. Now, I know I am biased, but if you think about it, pretty much everyone in the modern world has a lawn, and if we all made them green, weed free, and healthy, how much better would the world be?

Here are some pretty basic tips on keeping your lawn care “green.”

Recycle Lawn Clippings

This is also called “mulching” the clippings, and it really is the best thing for your lawn. If you have a proper mulching mower and you let the lawn clippings fall back into the turf, you are doing the right thing. Mulching returns moisture and nutrients back into the lawn, meaning you need to use less fertilizer to keep the grass growing healthy.

Sharpen Mower Blades

You probably didn’t think about this as being a green lawn tip, but it is. You see, a dull mower blade rips, shreds, and tears the turf tips when you mow. These ripped and shredded areas allow moisture to more quickly escape the grass plants, and leads to the need for more water to keep the lawn green! I call that “waster water.”

Water Right

The right way to water your lawn is once or twice a week, at most. When you do water, water deeply. One or two deep waterings (about 1 inch throughout) a week can keep the lawn healthy. If you water daily but for only 15 or so minutes, you are just contributing to evaporation and not using resources wisely.

There you go guys: Simple green lawn tips in honor of Earth Day. Simple!