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Almost Time To Decorate For Christmas!

One of the most popular posts ever on this blog is the one where I showed you on video, how to put up Christmas lights. Afterall, decorating outside is super important since we can’t really do much lawn care with snow on the ground and temperatures in the lower 40s. With that that in mind, I wanted to write a few articles to get you into the outdoor decorating spirit and state of mind!

If you want to send the message that Christmas is an important time of the year for you and your family; then begin by making a statement on the outside of your home. From the family and friends who will enter as treasured guests to the passers-by; a warm welcoming outdoor Christmas theme can tell the world how happy and content with the season you are.

Begin your outdoor Christmas decorating with the mailbox, out by the road, give a fresh splash of paint or a removable Christmas shell; the mailman will appreciate the new look, and the cookies hidden within. Wrap the post in garland and bows, and spread a few seeds and nuts for the smallest of nature’s blessings.

A full size Nativity scene can add drama and beauty to any home’s front yard. It does not have to be elaborate to send the message; in fact, the simpler the better. Old Saint Nick, and his buddies would love to share the space and be glad for the warm company.

Your front porch or entryway can receive a touch of Christmas cheer with garland wrapped banisters, and columns. Add beauty to the floor with an outdoor area rug with a Christmas motif that is also present inside the home. Place gorgeous poinsettias on either side of the doorway, and allow their simple colorful beauty to shine like a beacon from the home to the street. Adding touches of holly berries within the garland can bring color to the sometimes dreary appearance of overcast winter days.

Placing a large wreath upon the door, with festive bows and ribbons is the perfect place to add in touches of color and textures. Use the same width of garland and wreath material to add a touch of polished elegance to your Christmas decorations for the outdoors.

Whatever you do, remember your home is a direct reflection of the spirit of Christmas, and the Christmas decorations will be a direct result of your creative imagery and taste.

Video: DIY Christmas Lights Simple and Classy

It is time to get out and win that unspoken competition you have going with your neighbors over who has the best Christmas Light Display. Fortunately for you, I made this video to show you how to put up Christmas lights without going all “Clark Griswald” up in your crib.

I hope this video comes across well as it is my first full length post in this format. I can tell you that the wind is really bad in much of the video and does distort the audio to the point of annoyance, but there is nothing I can do about that until I invest in some better equipment (which I plan to do very soon). There are also 3 written posts that go along with this video:

Christmas Lights Part 1

Christmas Lights Part 2

Christmas Lights Part 3

The posts and video all work together and should clear up any questions, however, I would be glad to answer any you have: just leave them in the comments below.

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