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I started my first lawn business at the age of 14 with an orange Sears push lawnmower and a strong desire to earn money to take my girlfriend to the movies. In those days, I knew nothing of grass types, grass care, grass weeds or even how to smoke grass. All I knew was the Florida sun was hot, but $8 for 45 minutes of work was a pretty good deal. It was easy to “mow” and “blow”…I had 4 customers. Today, I am still in the “green” industry, and work for a very large operation. I’m based in Chicago and we do $8.5 million in revenue on the Southside and South Burbs. I started with this particular company 11 years ago as a tree and shrub pruning specialist. A year later, I worked my way into the marketing department and manage it today. You can see my own lawn and landscape here. One thing to keep in mind: I happen to be employed in the lawn and landscape industry, but I am a major do-it-yourselfer and taking care of lawns would be a hobby to me if it wasn’t already my job…does that make sense? I love grass man!

In addition to the above, I served in the United States Air Force from 1993-1997, after earning a 2-year degree from St. Petersburg College in Florida.

My time in the Air Force was invaluable. I was fortunate to have the job of public affairs specialist, which is basically photojournalism. It was during these years that I developed a love for writing…and drinking coffee.

One other interesting fact: From 1997-2001, while working full time for my company, I also attended a Baptist college in the midwest where I majored in Theology. I never graduated from this school, mainly due to foolishness and stupidity on my part … to this day, I am 16 credits short. Doh!

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Thanks folks, and feel free to leave comments! Here is my contact information should you wish to disagree with (or praise) me or send me some link love…I also accept submissions of your personal lawn or landscape and will post them here if they are pretty! :)

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