Early spring lawn tips for 2011

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

It’s been a tough winter for lawns, trust me. Those 15 inches or more of snow packed on top of your grass right now is going to wreak havoc this spring. These spring lawn tips are sure to help you get off to the right start in 2011.

Spring lawn aeration

I have talked before about aerating the lawn, but it is never more important than after heavy snow fall. All that extra snow weighs heavy on the soil, compactin and making it hard. Aeration will loosen up this compacted soil.

Aeration in the spring also helps to air out areas that are effected by snow mold. If you want to throw in a little seed after the aeration, feel free.

Spring lawn raking

A little light raking never hurt anyone! It’s good for the lawn and good for your shoulders as well. We want to rake a bit to loosen up any organic material that has been packed down into the thatch layer. The key here is air flow.

Spring lawn fertilization

The last piece of winter recovery lawn strategy is some basic fertilizing. Get a fertilizer that is balanced with nitrogen and phosphorous. These two elements help wake the lawn up from its winter slumber.

Follow these three simple tips in spring this year, and you are bound to get good results with your lawn all season long.


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