How to get the most out of your lawn treatments

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

We have talked a whole bunch over the years in regards to proper lawn treatments while stressing the need to stick with a solid program. I have urged you to get on a program to help your lawn grow vigorously without an unhealthy push. But still many of you want more. You want to ensure you are getting the most benefit for your lawn dollars spent, and you’ve wondered what can be done to stretch the effectiveness of lawn fertilizers and other products applied. So here are two tips that will help you for sure.

Lawn aeration

Aerating the lawn is an important practice that I highly recommend for every lawn, healthy or not. However, aeration can also be used as a tool to extend the effectiveness of fertilizers. Our goal in fertilizing the lawn is to get nutrients into the root system of the grass. These nutrients support photosynthesis which in turn allows the lawn to thicken up.

When you aerate, you are opening up the root system and exposing it to air and water, but more importantly, nutrients. The idea here is to apply a nice coating of quality fertilizer right after you aerate. This puts the granules right down into the root zone where they are used much faster, thus producing better results.

Watering and irrigation

Most of your store-bought synthetic fertilizers are water activated. This is because the nutrients are bound to other materials used as “carriers.” The carriers themselves serve no other purpose than to give the granules weight so they are easily spreadable.

If you “water in” your applications immediately upon application, you will release the nutrients from the carrier and get the lawn growing.

If you will follow these two simple ideas during your spring and fall grass care regimen, you are sure to get much better results than in previous years.


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