Why snow is good for the lawn

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

As I look out across my front and back lawns, I see nothing but snow with just a touch of grass peaking through here and there. And while you all would probably think that gets me sad and depressed, in actuality, it is a good thing. Here’s why:

First off, a good, solid snow pack that covers most of your turf area is actually a very good thing. This is because a solid inch or two of snow pack will help protect your lawn from a what is known as “transpiration.”

You can think of transpiration as “evaporation” from plants. Moisture contained within plants, in this case grass blades, is literally “sucked out” by very cold, dry winds constantly whipping across them.

If you have a nice coating of snow over your grass, it is protected and shielded from this winter wind.

Another reason a good snow pack is wanted is because when it melts, it will take your lawn winterizer application down into the soil where we want it. Melting snow also has the nice effect of evenly pulling those nutrients into the root zone right when they are stimulated by spring heat.

Keep the snowmen off the lawn

Now there are is one bad thing about having snow on your lawn, but it is easily avoidable. You see, when the snow is packed on the lawn, people are tempted to walk on it while either playing or building a snow man. This certainly is fun for you and the kids, but it isn’t fun for the lawn beneath. The grass crowns have frozen for winter and are very brittle. When you stomp on them, they crush and break and may not recover. This means brown and dead areas are left in the spring. Long story short on this one: stay off the frozen grass!

So keep these ideas in mind next time you look out your window and see nothing but white as far as your eyes can gaze, knowing it’s all for good in the long run!


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