Easy Lawn Watering Tips

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

Next to lawn mowing tips, lawn watering and irrigation tips are tops on my list of topics I tend to harp on. That is because good watering and irrigation practices are going to help your grass survive the harshest of summer stresses and continue thickening and growing.

Make Your Lawn Watering More Productive

Lawns need consistent watering that is deep and infrequent. This means you don’t want to irrigate every single day, and when you do, you want the lawn to get at least one-half to three-quarters of an inch of water. To get that much, you probably need to leave out a sprinkler for about an hour. I recommend watering 2 times per week unless it is super hot (above 90 degrees) then go for 3 times a week.

In order to keep the irrigation consistent, you will be best served in getting a sprinkler timer at your local garden center or hardware store. A timer will help you stay consistent when you get busy with work, family and other activities. You basically set up your manual sprinklers and let it go all summer long. This consistency will equate to strong turf rooting and increase vigor over the hottest months of the season.

Automatic Irrigation Systems Require Less Frequent Watering

If you have an automatic underground sprinkler system, then the same rules apply with a couple exceptions. When you have an underground irrigation system, usually it is going to be much more efficient due to the fact that an engineer did some layout and planning of the site prior to installation. This means much more efficient water application, translating to a shorter amount of watering time.

If you have an underground system, however, don’t make the mistake of running each zone for 10 or 15 minutes daily. When you do this, the water is not penetrating deeply enough causing a shallow root issue and also thatch buildup. I recommend running your underground irrigation system just two or three times per week for 25 minutes per zone. This will give you that targeted half-inch I mentioned earlier.

If you can follow these simple tips your lawn will respond a lot better to every other action you take this year. Go out this weekend and get set up for spring.


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