Very Basic Lawn Tips for DIY Homeowners

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

If you want to have a nice lawn, you are going to have to follow some simple rules. There are ways to get around some things, but these are hard and fast, trust me. If you follow these two simple lawn care tips, you will be on your way to a much nicer, healthier, greener lawn than ever before.

Proper Lawn Mowing

First off, you have to cut the lawn. Yeah, I know, you cut it every week or two already, but are you cutting properly? You have to mow tall–at least three inches–and mow consistently. That means you can’t skip a week because you are tired or working too much. When you are busy, so is your lawn so don’t think you can just “let it go.”

It is your responsibility to keep your lawn trimmed right. Don’t get complacent!

Proper Lawn Watering

The next piece of the puzzle comes in the irrigation process. You all know that the lawn needs water, but how much and how often?

The answer is that the lawn need a good inch of water each week and that inch should be delivered in two to three waterings per week. That is very simple if you put your sprinklers out and pay attention to how they are covering. If your water is blowing off into the street or driveway, that is a waste and doesn’t help your grass at all.

That’s really what I want you to focus on this year. If you will follow these two simple rules, you are bound to have a nice lawn with very little push back from Mother Nature.


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