Proper Irrigation For The Coming Season Part 2

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

I’ve been having fun with the recent series on the blog trying to get you guys fired up for the 2011 lawn care season. We have talked about lawn mowing, lawn fertilizing and the mechanics of lawn watering. Now today I want to give you the down and dirty basics of actually getting the water on the lawn.

Lawn Watering: How Often to Water

It seems like people have many varied opinions about how often to water the lawn. I know folks who leave their sprinklers on for hours and hours every single day! I am sure their water bills are enormous, but they are also damaging their turf in the process. Too much water will rot your roots, also called “wet feet” and that is not a positive situation for your overall lawn appearance.

What I want you to do is train your lawn to be “lean and mean” when it comes to getting water. I also want you to train it to expect consistent irrigation.

To accomplish this, you should water just twice per week and give it a good, solid soaking. If you get a lawn sprinkler timer like I have recommended before, then this is a very simple task. When I talk about giving the lawn a “solid soaking” I mean leaving the sprinkler on long enough to where at least one inch of water is applied evenly across every area.

If you are not willing to throw out a rain gauge to test this, then just leave the sprinklers running for about an hour in each spot and you will be good. This will give you a nice, deep watering that will promote deeper roots that can survive better in between an infrequent irrigating schedule!

See how simple that is? So go out today and get all the necessary hoses, sprinklers and timers so when June gets here, you are ready to go!


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