Resolve to Have a Nice Lawn for New Year 2011, Part 1

By Allyn Paul, filed under Life & Lawns.

At the end of every December, thousands upon thousands of resolutions are made for the new year. I often wonder how many of those have anything to do with having a nice lawn? I guess if I had my way, all of you guys would resolve to do better. So let’s pretend you are planning on having a better, healthier lawn in 2011 and look at some of the best ways to “hedge your bets”–succeed at lawn care and yard care this season.

In part 1 of this short series, let’s talk about cutting the lawn the right way, consistently, all season.

Lawn Care Basics for 2011: Mowing

One of the most important parts of your yard care in the new year will be proper mowing. If you can get this part of the equation correct, you will be golden. So many of you start out good in the early part of the spring, only to lose steam and make mistakes or cut corners in the later summer and fall. Don’t do that this year.

Mow tall all year long. I always recommend three inches or more no matter what the season or weather conditions. This ensures good turf leaf surface and proper soil shading and moisture retention.

Next, make sure you keep your lawn mower blade sharp. Depending how large your lawn is, you may get away with just one sharpening per season. When in doubt, however, go ahead and get your blade sharpened up in August. It usually costs less than $15 at the local small engine shop.

Finally, mow weekly–consistently. I know it gets tiring and boring, but you cannot let the lawn grow out of control and then chop it low after several weeks. This completely stresses the turf root structure causing thinning.

This is just the first part of the lawn care prescription for 2011. Getting ready now will save you plenty of headaches when the snow melts and spring finally arrives.


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