Getting Ready For The 2011 Lawn Care Season Part 2

By Allyn Paul, filed under Life & Lawns.

This week I am talking to you guys about getting your lawn in shape in 2011. I really hope more and more of your will resolve to take your lawn care to the next level in the coming months and right now is the time to get started. When I say that, I mean getting your mind wrapped around some of the best ways to make your lawn beautiful starting as soon as possible. In the first article, I talked about proper lawn mowing in 20011, and now I want to talk about proper lawn fertilization.

Some of you will choose to fertilize naturally, and that is a good choice. Others still may go with a more synthetic option. Both will work if care is taken to get the most from the nutrients you are applying. Let’s talk about ways to ensure product is applied in the best possible manner.

Buy A Good Lawn Spreader

I recommend all homeowners invest in a good quality fertilizer spreader. The better the quality, the better, more accurate the nutrient or fertilizer application will be. When the bag of fertilizer reads, “three pounds product per one thousand square feet of lawn space,” that doesn’t mean you can just “spray and pray” and hope for the best. If you apply too much product you can and will harm the lawn. If you don’t apply enough, on the other hand, your yard is not getting the proper benefit and won’t respond properly.

A first rate spreader will cost you in the neighborhood of $80 and is well worth the investment. It should last you a good five or more years under normal homeowner-type wear and tear.

Aerate The Lawn First

The second and final part of the lawn fertilizing tip involves lawn aeration. I highly recommend you aerate your lawn in the spring and fall to help open up compacted soil and punch holes in the thatch layer. This will effectively give your fertilizer a “leg up” and get it directly into the root system of the yard where it can be utilized more effectively.

That’s really all there is to making sure you perform your fertilizer applications properly. You can pick up a good lawn spreader now and get it all ready for the first application in March!


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