Quick Tips For Winterizing Your Garden Landscape

By Allyn Paul, filed under Landscape Tips.

Fall has arrived and winter will be nipping at out heels shortly. For gardeners, that means that it is time to start winterizing your gardens and landscape beds. There are a lot of things to do, but luckily most of your winterizing tasks are pretty simple. Here are a few of the most important things to remember as you get your garden ready for winter.

Landscape Garden Clean Up

The first important consideration in preparing your garden for winter is cleaning up everything that won’t be needed during the winter. This means cutting back plants, pruning bushes, weeding, etc. Make sure you trim back any plants that have gone to seed before they start dropping seeds on the ground. Also clean up any trash, debris or stray plants at this time. The goal is to leave your garden as bare as possible to make things easier in the spring.

Split Bulbs and Replant

Fall is also the best time to divide bulbs before winter. You will know it is time to split your favorite bulbs if they didn’t have a strong floral showing last spring. Dig up and split any desired bulbs and replant. For your more delicate bulbs that won’t be able to weather the winter, dig them up now and store properly for spring.

Prepare Soil

The fall is also the perfect to prepare and nourish your soil for next year. Once you have prepared the garden by cleaning and taking care of fall planting, cover everything with a nice layer or compost or mulch. By preparing your soil now, you will be ready for spring planting.

Protect if Necessary

If you grow the same plants year after year, you should have a pretty good idea of what does well in the winter and what does not. Consider taking a few precautions to protect or shelter some of your less resilient plants. Taking a little time to protect your plants in the fall can result in a better looking garden and less winter fatalities come spring.

The gardening season is quickly coming to an end. Take the time now to leave everything tidy so that you can jump in and start gardening as soon as the winter snow melts next spring.


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