Getting Garden Soil Prepared For Winter

By Allyn Paul, filed under Landscape Tips.

If you want your flowerbeds to be ready for spring planting, the fall is the time to prepare. By taking preparatory steps in the fall, you can ensure that you will be ready for spring planting. Soil takes time to absorb nutrients, and by preparing in the fall, you give your soil the time it needs. These tips will help you prepare your soil for next spring.

After a long growing season, soil generally is heavy and packed down. This can make it difficult to plant and to integrate mulch and compost. In the fall while soil is still relatively dry, you should turn over the dirt and break up any clumps.

While you are tilling and turning over the dirt, you have the perfect opportunity to introduce nutrients and other organic material. Consider raking your fallen leaves and integrating them as you turn over the dirt. You may also want to add compost, mulch or even fertilizer.

Generally the easiest way to break apart your dirt and add in the goodness that your soil needs is to do both at the same time. Spread a thick layer of whatever you want to add into your soil on top and then turn the dirt over a few times. Remember that the more you add into the soil, the less work it will be to get it ready in the spring. Break big clumps of dried dirt with your shovel and repeat the process as needed.

Once you have finished preparing your soil, it is a good idea to spread several inches of mulch over the top. This will protect any plants that will be remaining over the winter. And will leave your flowerbeds with an overall finished look until the snow falls.

A little bit of preparation now will save a lot of trouble later. Take the time to feed your soil in the fall so that you can produce beautiful flowers come spring.


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