Let’s Learn About Daffodils

By Allyn Paul, filed under Planting Flower Bulbs.

When you think of a daffodil you probably think of the traditional yellow trumpet variety. This variety of this common bulb is by far the most common. However, if you love daffodils, you will be delighted to learn that there are many easy to grow and beautiful daffodil varieties available. Let’s look at just a few of them.

Trumpet Daffodil

These daffodils are by far the most common. The trumpet on these flowers is longer than the overall length of the leaves. This results in a strong and noticeable contrast between the two. There are all yellow trumpet daffodils which have yellow petals and a yellow trumpet. You will also find bi- color trumpets. These flowers have petals in one color and a trumpet in another.

Large and Small Cupped Daffodil

These daffodils are similar in appearance to the traditional trumpet daffodils. However, there is a little variation when it comes to the size of the trumpet in the center. With the large cupped daffodils as the name implies, the center is wider and shorter. Conversely, the small cupped daffodils have a short, small center trumpet. These daffodils are just as beautiful as their more famous siblings and can add a distinct and beautiful look to any garden.

Double Daffodils

With double daffodils, there are multiple layers of either petals, trumpet or both. These flowers are very unique and dramatic looking. If you want daffodils, but are looking for a real conversation piece, these are the flowers for you.

Split Cupped Daffodil

These daffodils don’t posses the traditional, daffodil looking cup. Rather, they almost look like one flower resting a top another. These unique flowers are stunningly beautiful and come in both straight and ruffled varieties.

These are just a few of the many daffodil varieties out there. You will also find miniature daffodils, clustered daffodil and more. Many of these varieties have several available colors of flowers as well. If you love daffodils, don’t just limit yourself to traditional yellow ones. Try some of these fun varieties and add some excitement to your flowerbeds next spring.


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