Get Your Landscape Ready for Spring Now

By Allyn Paul, filed under Landscape Tips.

Fall is a busy time for gardeners. Once the summer growing season has ended, you have to take care of your garden and prepare it for the coming year. By taking time to adequately prepare your garden during the fall, you can get things up and growing quickly come spring. Here are a few simple things that you can do now to prepare for spring this fall.

Clean up Your Flower Beds

Fall is the best time to clear out dead plants, trim back bushes and get your flowerbeds looking their best. Use this opportunity to check for bugs and disease on your plants and to treat any problems found. Consider turning over the dirt and adding some mulch or compost to ensure that your soil will have the nutrients it needs in the spring. Turning over the soil now also means less work and more time for planting once the snow melts.

Fall Gardening includes Planting Bulbs

If you want blooming bulbs in the spring, you need to plant them in the fall. Choose a few of your favorite bulbs and get planting. A little extra effort now will really pay off come spring.

Split Bulbs as Necessary

If your flowering bulbs didn’t produce as many blooms this year, it may be time to split them. As a general rule, most bulbs need to be split in the fall every 3-4 years. If it has been a few years since the last time you split your favorite bulbs, take the time to do that this fall.

Protect Delicate Plants

If you are growing any tender bulbs like begonias or dahlias, you will need to dig up these bulbs for winter storage. Additionally, some other plants may need to be sheltered or protected from the outside elements using burlap or mulch. Take the time to protect your fragile plants so that you can continue to enjoy them next year.

Fall is a busy time for gardeners. Don’t think that once summer ends, work in the garden stops. Hold out for a few more months to ensure a beautiful and healthy spring for your garden.


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