How To Remember Where Your Garden Bulbs Are Located

By Allyn Paul, filed under Planting Flower Bulbs.

Now that fall is upon us, it is time to start preparing your flowerbeds for winter. This means dividing and replanting all of your favorite bulbs. If you plant a lot of bulbs, it can be difficult to remember where they are planted and can even result in some accidental dig ups. If you want to ensure that your bulbs will remain in place for spring flowering, it is important to remember where they are planted. Here are a couple of great ideas.

Use Garden Markers

If you want to remember where certain bulbs are planted during the winter and early spring, garden markers are a great choice. You can purchase premade markers from your local hardware store or nursery. You can also make markers quite simply by writing on a wooden stick, or even by placing painted rocks near important bulbs.

Make a Flowerbed Map

If you don’t want to fill your flowerbeds with markers or other physical indications of where things are planted, consider making a simple flowerbed map. The process is actually quite simple. Measure your flowerbed and then draw out a simple scaled representation on a sheet of paper. Generally 1 inch on your map can represent 1 foot in your flowerbed. Your map doesn’t have to be exact to be helpful. As you plant bulbs and other plants, simply make a dot using a marker or colored pencil in the coordinating area on your map. If you use graph paper, it will be easier to keep track of where each dot should be placed.

Make a simple key indicating which colors were used for which plants. For example, you may want to mark daffodils with a yellow dot, tulips with a pink one and crocus with a purple dot. Next time you work in the garden, you can use your map to dig with confidence knowing that you know where all of your bulbs are.

These two simple ideas will help you keep track of your newly planted bulbs and will help to ensure that come spring your flowerbed is filled with vibrant and colorful blooms.


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