Introduction To Koi Ponds In Your Home Landscape

By Allyn Paul, filed under Landscape Tips.

I have noticed in the last few years that many of my customers are starting to install their own Koi ponds with great success. Here are some basics I have learned from talking to them.

A Koi pond is a beautiful addition to any garden as a focal or relaxation point, but it does not necessarily have to be a part of a larger garden. Depending on the space you have available and your own do-it-yourself abilities, you can build one to your own liking so long as they promote a healthy environment for the Koi. If you have purchased a home or land with a Koi pond already on it and have not done so already, have a specialist check it out to see if any improvements should be made to it.

Koi are Japanese Carp, and Carp can grow to be a nice sized fish. Koi can hit 35 lbs and when properly cared for can survive up to 70 years, so a pre-established attractive Koi pond is a big selling point for landscapes and homes. This does not mean, however that once you make the purchase you have a great pond. Koi need a certain amount of depth, shade and oxygen to healthily thrive, and as better products become available they should be considered for use in your pond. A pond with at least 1,000 gallons of non chlorinated water in it with temperatures measuring 40 to 50 degrees is ideal. If you live in a “freeze and thaw zone,” then you need a deep point of around 5 feet or more for the fish to go over winter.

It is important to keep the pond clean and oxygenated which can be done mostly by adding certain plants (a gardening specialist can help you choose which ones are best for your pond) that add oxygen in the water and filter out carbon dioxide naturally. Surprisingly, these pond plants also keep the water clean and algae free.

Even with these additions, it is still necessary to have other tools on hand such as a pump, filter, and water testing kit and so on. Keeping a good amount of care and involvement with your Koi pond will mean an optimally beautiful focal point. They are a lot of work, but from what I have seen, well worth the effort!


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