Overcoming Brown Spots In Your Lawn

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

Probably the single biggest question I get this time of year is, “What is causing those brown spots in my lawn and how can I fix them?”

Of course, you guys realize that there are probably 20 different reasons why your lawn might have a few brown spots in it this time of year and for me to diagnose them via email is a real crap-shoot! But what I can do is give you some very general tips that I think you should try and see if those spots don’t just clear up without a lot of hassle.

Brown Spots – Try These Tips

1) Make sure you are watering properly. Typically we find brown areas left in the lawn around hot areas where sidewalks, driveways and the street have radiated heat into the lawn over the summer, causing extra stress. If you stay persistent and water regularly, this will clear up the issue in many cases. Proper irrigation also stimulates new growth in the lawn which can also help clear up brown spots.

2) Apply a general purpose insect control. There are a lot of insects in the early Fall that cause brown spots. This includes sod-webworm, grubs and billbugs. It is really hard to tell which one is causing it unless you find them, and sometimes it is still a good idea to apply insect granules just to be on the safe side.

3) Make sure you fertilize right. Many of you have gotten my book, and if you are following my fertilizer plan, then you should be just fine. It is important to keep the lawn fertilized with the right nutrients during the fall growing season.

4) Mow tall and usual. Do I need to harp on this one anymore than I already have over the years?

So try these easy tips starting this weekend and then give it a couple weeks. I bet most of yuor issues will be fixed right up!


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