Preparing For Winter In Your Lawn

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

I wanted to get an early jump on winter lawn care this year so you guys are ready to go when the weather completely changes. Here are this year’s winter prep tips for the grass.

1) Aerate twice this year if you can. I talk about aeration a lot but since we had a very strange growing season this year, I am recommending everyone aerate twice with the last one being just before winter. Let’s keep that ground opened up.

2) Dormant grass seed is a good idea too. Right after the aeration, throw down more grass seed. This seed won’t grow this year, rather sit there over winter and begin to grow as the weather breaks in the spring. Dormant seeding works well if you aerate first.

3) Winterize the lawn with a good fertilizer. This year, I want you to winterize your lawn very late. At the first sign of a snow storm, get out and lay down your winterizing nutrients. Use a balanced synthetic fertilizer that will wait until next year to release.

4) Don’t walk on the lawn. I know you want to build a snow man out there for Christmas, but not this year. We need to be careful not to trample the grass crown and break them. This can cause dead spots in the Spring.

Follow these tips at the very beginning of winter and you should be just fine come spring of 2011.


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