The Bendifits Of Having A Nice Lawn

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

Since I have been talking recently about getting a new lawn mower and getting your lawn prepared for fall time, I figured I might as well give you some reasons why you should have a nice lawn in the first place.

1) Your lawn is the only living thing that was included in your purchase price. I know that sounds strange, but when you buy a house, pretty much everything there is a non-living except the lawn grass and the landscape. That means that taking care of your lawn is keeping your house “alive!”

2) Your lawn is the “welcome mat to your home” and tells people you care about your abode and your neighborhood. If your grass is all dead and full of weeds, it looks like someone who is uncaring resides there; don’t let that be you!

3) Lawns help the environment too. Grass gets a bad rap because it is simple, doesn’t make flowers, and is basically the same in everyone’s place. But grass, be as common as it is, is one of the best air cleaners around. It makes fresh air in the same way that any plant does, but it also grabs dust out of the air and prevents erosion. That is super cool!

4) Grass smells good when it is cut – enough said!

5) Grass makes a great platform for meeting with family and friends. There is nothing better than a picnic on the grass with a group of friends and family. Throw in some cold beverages and you have the makings of a great weekend.

So with these quick ideas in mind, I recommend you head out this weekend and get to work on that beautiful patch of green love you call your yard. It will reward you many times over – I promise!


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