August Lawn Care Tips For Homeowners

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

August is fully underway and believe it or not, it one of the most important months of the lawn care season! In fact, you can make or break your lawn’s appearance depending on what you do, or don’t do during this pivotal time period.

Why Is August So Important?

The month of August is stressful on your lawn. We have a lot going on during this time including heat, lack of rain, insect infestation (both above and below ground) and fungus issues. All of these are attacking your turf and giving it the one-two-three punch. In addition, there are a host of summer weeds that creep in during the summer and some of them can literally thin out your lawn.

What To Do For Your Lawn In August

There are several primary tasks you need to accomplish during the month, so many in fact that I need to break them down into a series of articles. However, there are some basics that will set the foundation and those are:

Mow Tall – I say it all the time, but in August it is more important than ever. The heat that beats down on the lawn will dry it out quickly, even if you water. If you keep the lawn tall, it will shade the root system and keep a lot of the moisture in.

Irrigate Regularly – I want your lawn to stay green and that means you need to water. I only need you to water the lawn 2 or 3 times per week for an hour in each zone. That won’t run up your water bill too much but will keep the lawn growing properly.

If you set this foundation in August, then the rest is pretty simple. There is a lot to get accomplished, but most of it can be done this weekend. Follow along in the next article and see what else you need to do for your lawn in August.


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