Lawn Turning Brown In Summer Part 2

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

Is your lawn turning brown this summer? Was it green just a few short weeks ago and now looks like straw? If so, then we need to find out what is happening so we can get it fixed!

In the last article, we talked about lack of water being a reason why your lawn might be turning brown. In this article, we are going to look at your mowing, and not necessarily in the way you think.

A Brown Lawn Is Not Necessarily a Dead Lawn

Of course, the simplest explanation for a brown lawn related to mowing is that you are cutting too low. This I see quite often because people like a low cut manicured look. The problem here is that in summer, the hot sun beats down almost directly on the root system because there is no blade present to shade it. This dries out the lawn fast, causing drought stress.

The second most common way mowing creates brown lawns is from dull blades. A dull mower blade will rip the grass plants instead of cutting them cleanly. Ripped blades give a brown casting to the lawn overall.

Another reason you will see brown lawns from grass mowing is inconsistency. If you go on vacation for two weeks and don’t have someone cut your lawn, it will be quite tall when you return. At that point, when you mow (no matter how tall) your lawn will be stressed from such a large portion of the growth being removed in a single cutting. This stress will cause the lawn to go yellow or brown.

These are just a few reasons why lawn mowing in the summer can make your lawn go brown. If that is not your issue, then go onto the next article, and see if we get closer to solving the problem.


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