Basic Lawn Tools: Lawn Mowers

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

I told you guys last week that I would be starting a new series of posts on basic lawn tools. This is the first in that series, and it is probably the most important because I am going to be talking about lawn mowers. Nothing in this article will be earth-shattering, but I can promise it’s important, so let’s get after it!

Lawn Mower Basics

There are three main features or benefits that I want you to look for in your next lawn mower purchase:

  1. power
  2. deck depth
  3. propulsion

Lawn Mower Power: I never recommend buying a mower with less than 5 horsepower. This is because anything less will not spin the blade fast enough, allowing clippings to clump and fall back into the lawn. These clumps will cause dead spots over time. If you get a mower with enough power, it will blow through thick turf and grind the grass clippings to bits, and that is the goal!

Deck Depth: Most of you never think about this, but it is important. If the lawn mower deck is too shallow, once again, the clippings will not be ground up enough (regardless of power) and cause that same clumping action I mentioned above. If you buy a quality lawn mower, you will have a minimum of 5 inches of deck depth, and that is ideal.

Propulsion: I always recommend you spend a little extra coin and get a self-propelled lawn mower. Not only will this make your lawn mowing more enjoyable, but it will help you make straighter, more even cuts. If you have to push your lawn mower, you are bound to get wavy lines and improper overlap, but if all you have to do is steer it, your aim is much better!

I highly recommend you follow these simple tips when you go to get your next lawn mower, and see if you don’t agree!


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  1. Phil Yust Says:
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    Allyn, I just found your website the other day and have really enjoyed the many ideas and lawn aids you espouse to. I told my son-in-law about your site and gave him the link. I promptly went out and started using Milorganite! We bought our house last year and the sodded new lawn had not been kept up and was in sorry shape with many weeds and not much grass. Already, the grass turf has come back 85% and looking much better. Thankyou for ALL of the great lawn information.

  2. Allyn Paul Says:
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    awesome Phil! glad to hear it man, keep up the good work.

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