Early Summer Lawn Care Tips

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

May is pretty much history and as far as I am concerned, summer is here. That means that we all need to start thinking a bit differently when it comes to how we approach our lawn care chores. Here are some simple summer lawn care tips; follow them!

Get Grub Prevention Now

Grub worms are subsurface feeding insects that are the larvae of summer June beetles. Grubs are pretty much in every lawn, but when their numbers get out of hand, they will damage your turf in major ways. It is best to apply grub worm control in June or July at the very latest and definitely make sure you water it in after applying. If you don’t water it in, the product will degrade in direct sunlight and be less effective. I always recommend grub products that utilize Merit as the main insecticide.

Mow Tall

yep, I said it again, “mow tall.” I will keep saying this one until I am blue in the face. If you mow too low, you are literally cutting off the lawn’s food supply. Lack or food means a brown lawn. It’s that simple.

Water Right

When you water your lawn, water deeply. So many of you guys have sprinkler systems and you have them click on for 10 minutes per zone every morning. The problem here is that you are not getting enough water down to actually soak into the root zone where the grass plants can use it. If you water light, the roots come up to get that water causing a spongy condition known as thatch buildup. Set your system to water every third day for 30-40 minutes and you will be fine.

Those are just three simple summer lawn care tips and I will share more with you as the months go on!


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  1. Sam Says:
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    Allyn – Should I be setting each watering zone for 30 or so minutes… Also, what time of the day is best to water? Thanks in advance… Awesome Blog…

  2. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Hi Sam,
    30-40 minutes per zone is what we want and AMs before 10 is best. Never water in the evening.

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