Buying A Lawn Mower Tips Part 3

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

We’ve been learning about selecting your next lawn mower. In this article, I want to wrap it up by talking about lawn mower pricing and features you get with that price. I also want to talk about some of the best lawn mower brands.

How Much For The Mower?

For most homeowners, a walk behind lawn mower is going to do the trick. You can mow a 10,000 square foot lawn in about an hour with a good quality, self propelled, walk behind lawn mower. If you are going to follow my advice and get a lawn mower with a deep deck and good powerplant that both mulches and catches, you should be prepared to pay between $350 and $450.

Of course, you can find them cheaper and obviously much more expensive, but these price points are pretty common. In addition, I always recommend you buy your next mower from a true lawn mower dealer and not from a big box store. The lawn mower dealer usually backs up his product with great service after the purchase. Trust me and do not compromise on this tip.

Lawn Mower Brands

My two favorite lawn mower brands for homeowners are Lawn Boy and Toro. These two companies make a very solid product that can take a beating and last for many years. Snapper also makes good mowers for homeowners.

Those are the simple lawn mower buying tips I have for you, your questions are welcome.


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