Lawn Care Myths Part Two: Mowing

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips, Life & Lawns.

Let’s continue with our mini-series about lawn care myths. In the last posting, I talked about beer and grub worms. Today, I want to talk about grass seed, and specifically, your lawn’s own reseeding process.

Chances are, if your lawn is healthy, in the late spring, right about this time of year, it starts to reseed itself. Healthy turfgrass naturally sends up seed shoots and pods ever year. If you’ve been fertilizing and watering properly, thousands of seed pods will be produced.

Many people mistake these seed stalks for weeds because, many times, they have a reddish color to them.

Anyway, one myth I often hear is that, when the lawn is reseeding itself, you should be sure to mulch your clippings so those seeds will fall back into the lawn and grow.

The fact is, guys, those seeds are not mature enough to grow. If you truly wanted to reseed your lawn this way, you’d need to let the seed stalks grow for up to 8 weeks until the seed grew, dried up, and fell off naturally. Only then is the seed viable. Of course, this does not work for a home lawn because we mow and trim weekly.

Now, you should still mulch your clipping during the seed stalk season because those unripended seedlings do contain good nutrients that we want to get back in to the soil to be used.

So, next time you see the seed stalks in the lawn, go ahead and be sure to mulch, not because of the seed, but because of recycled nutrients.


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