Lawn Care Myths Part 1

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

Sometimes, I have to just laugh at the strange things people tell me they do to their lawns. It’s like some of you guys think that it has to be strange and out of the ordinary in order to turn your lawn green. So, today, I am starting a simple lawn care series about lawn care myths. I hope to get some truth out there before your guys go and destroy your lawn, roots and soil.

Today’s myth centers around grub worms and beer.

Does Beer Kill Grub Worms?

I don’t know who started this little rumor, but it has spread far and wide. I get 2-3 inquiries per month regarding this lawn care myth. Truthfully, I have to think that enough beer would kill just about anything, including your liver, but grub worms?

Let’s think about this logically.

If beer was a good grub control, how much would it take to cover your grass and protect it? Remember, we want to prevent grub worms BEFORE they damage the grass, which means your lawn beer concoction would need to be long lasting and rain proof.

Even so, let’s assume you have a smaller lawn, just 3,000 square feet. If you want to put enough beer on this small space–enough that it would soak below the soil line to where the little grubs are located–you’d need at least 2 kegs of beer. What would that cost?

In addition, have you ever smelled beer that rots in the sun for a day or two? It’s not pleasant at all.

Long story short, beer is not and never has been a viable grub worm prevatitve or corrective. Save the beer for the fridge, and share it with your neighbors, not the grass.


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