Red Seed Stalks In Lawn, What Are They?

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

This late spring time of year is one of the healthiest for the lawn and turf. I love this time of year because by now, if you’ve fertilized properly, mowed tall and consistently and knocked out the pesky weeds, you are rolling green baby!

In fact, your lawn right now as it stands is in peak shape and will only struggle as the heat and drought of summer whacks it’s drowns and stems. So what are those reddish seed stalks popping up everywhere?

Seed Heads In Lawn

Chances are if you have that nice lawn I talked about above and you have primarily Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Tye or Turf Type Tall Fescue in your lawn, then you are seeing thousands and thousands of seed heads popping up right about now.

Many of you will rush out and look for a way to eradicate these invaders. Don’t!

These reddish seed heads are actually your good turf grass plants trying to reproduce themselves! Have no fear, this is a good thing.

Many of you will want to mulch the clippings this time of year in an effort to spread these seeds around. But they are not viable, sorry. They do, however, contain lots of good nutrients that we want to get back into the soil, so go ahead and mulch it!

So, don’t panic when you see those seeds. Instead, embrace them, they are signs that your lawn is healthy and reproducing!


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