Enjoying The Lawn Care Experience

By Allyn Paul, filed under Life & Lawns.

By the time you guys read this, it will be Friday and just about 24 hours away from another awesome weekend of home improvement, including lawn care. But will you look at it like work, or will you get some enjoyment from it? I, of course, hope it is the latter. Here’s why I can almost always maximize my own lawn care experience.

The “Me” Time

This has to be the best part of working on the grass, especially while mowing, trimming, and edging. I put on my MP3 player (with noise canceling headphones, of course), crank up the mower and go to town. It’s automatic “me time” for at least 2 hours because no one can disturb me. I usually throw on some summertime tunes from Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet, and that really goes well with the freshly cut grass smell and sunshine on my face. I get a lot of thinking done during these times and I hope you can enjoy that part, too.

The Rewards

After all the time I get to spend with myself, I can sit back and admire my hard work almost immediately. Mowing some nice stripes in the lawn and creating a tight edge around the driveways and sidewalks makes my lawn pop out in comparison to everyone else’s, which is really my main goal. Think about it; all the other home improvement stuff you do around your house really doesn’t “show” too much. I mean, changing furnace filters and cleaning your rain gutters is important, but nothing really looks any different when you’re done. But your lawn care experience totally shows itself during the entire next week, and that is the cool part!

Then, there is the ultimate reward–when my wife tells me, “Hey Al, the lawn looks really good.”

When I get that, I am on top of the world all week long!

So get out Saturday and enjoy your time in the lawn. Don’t look at it like work, rather a time to get something accomplished that’s important for both you and the turf! Enjoy your lawn care experience!


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