The Importance of Proper Lawn Treatments

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

Often I get emails from readers asking me, “Does it really matter what products I throw down in my lawn this season?”

The answer I always give is a resounding, “Yes, it is very important to give your yard a proper diet all year long.”

Lawn Treatment Basics

Grass is a living plant, just like trees, shrubs and other greenery, but for some reason, we as homeowners often don’t treat it as such. In any event, your lawn needs a well balanced treatment and maintenance program designed for maximum root and shoot development.

A healthy diet for you yard includes nitrogen, postassium, a little phosphorous, and micro-nutrients, like iron. Too many of the store bought one-size-fits-all fertilizer products and programs either lack some of the vital ingredients or contain too much of others.

Balance in Lawn Treatment Is Key

Nitrogen is the most common ingredient that is out of balance in lawns. Nitrogen is what makes the grass green and gives it a spurt growth, but too much can cause over-growth which actually serves to harm the yard over time. Think of nitrogen like candy: too much gives a rush that ends in a crash.

It’s the same with too much nitrogen.

The final piece of advice I always give is that organic lawn fertilizers are important, but traditional synthetics should also be used during the year. Use the synthetic nutrients in spring, and the slow releasing organics during the long, hot summer.

The key is to keep a balance, just like in your own daily diet.


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