These Two Tips Will Transform Your Spring Lawn, I Promise!

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

Hey guys, welcome to Spring 2010! It’s been a long winter and I have certainly missed being outside in my lawn and landscape. I am sure you have too. (you’ve no doubt missed my lawn tips too right? :) ) But enough of the virtual hugs, let’s get right down to some early spring lawn care tips.

We will keep it simple today by giving you just two “must-do’s” for your yard this weekend. That’s right ya’ll; get out this weekend and get that grass woken up from slumber. It’s calling you!

Spring Lawn Aeration

I have talked about lawn aeration before, but it is just that important for me to bring up again. You have to aerate your lawn this spring, period!

Aerating is the process whereby we take a large machine, a little bigger than a lawn mower, and punch holes and remove cores from the lawn. This removal of cores loosens soil that has been compacted from snow piles, foot traffic and other stresses. Core aerating in the spring is also gonna punch holes in the thatch layer and help our fertilizer get to the root system fast where it can wake up that turf!

You can rent an aerator at your local tool shop or lawn mower store, and I recommend you grab your two neighbors on either side and share the day, the expense and labor involved! Aerating the lawn is not an easy task guys, but it is very very important! Do not skip this step, ok?

Spring Lawn Fertilizer

Pretty much right after you finish aerating the lawn, you can and should throw down your first application of spring lawn fertilizer. The lawn will be nicely opened up and the roots exposed, so nutrients can get right in and be used quickly.

When you choose a spring fertilizer, look for one that is well balanced with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Don’t grab one that is mostly nitrogen because this will push top growth too early and cause issues later in the summer.

Additionally, I’d recommend you chuck down a nice happy organic lawn fertilizer the weekend after. Organics won’t burn, so don’t worry about over-fertilizing. Natural nutrients that come from organic sources will break down slowly as temperatures warm up, increasing soil biotic activity and THAT is very healthy for the turf!

Bonus Spring Lawn Tip

In the midst of all this fun you are having with lawn aeration and spring lawn fertilizer, you can also spread in some fresh grass seed. Grass seed is always a welcome addition in the spring time and can help the thickening process that much more. Be sure to get a nice blended seed that is right for your area of the country. Never buy a single formulation of one type. Blends work better and perform in the long run.

So that’s it you guys. Get out there and aerate and apply a nice spring fertilizer, throw in some organics, a little grass seed, and you are good to go! Best of luck and I’ll see you in the next post!


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5 Responses to “These Two Tips Will Transform Your Spring Lawn, I Promise!”

  1. Denise Says:
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    Hey Allyn, I just got home early from work and was mentioning to my husband we need to get out and start working on the lawn. The weekend was to crappy to get out, but now that it is the work week of course the weather is beautiful. And now we have an extra hour of day light in the evening.

    Got to get the yard ready for the Easter Egg Hunt. Supposed to snow this coming weekend so we have to make hay while the sun shines.

    Our Yard is a lot of clay. Will aerating do any good? Not much you can do with clay except make the whole yard into a patio. Right?

  2. Allyn Paul Says:
    4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1

    Hi Denise, thanks for swinging over!
    Actually, clay soil is great for lawns believe it or not. It holds the root system well and take fertilizer nutrients also. Aerating is the single best thing you can do for a clay soil based lawn. Good luck!

  3. Denise Says:
    4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1

    Really Allyn! We have always been told that it is impossible to grow in clay. We were also told we had to add tons of topsoil to grow the grass. Now mind you are clay gets either rock hard or as slippery as ice.

    Actually I have been a reader for a while its just that Life and Lawns has been in hibernation. :-)

  4. Allyn Paul Says:
    4Avatars v0.3.1 v0.3.1

    Yes, there are many myths about clay soils. My lawn here in Indiana is 100% gray clay and it is an awesome medium to grow grass in. You have given me a great idea for a post next week!

  5. Ralph Zajac Says:
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    What is a good organic fertilizer. Is orgamite 100% organic? Will it burn my lawn?

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