Two Easy Tips To Set Your Lawn Apart From Your Neighbor’s Lawn

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Very simple lawn care tips here today folks… You guys know that I talk a lot about mowing and watering properly, as well as fertilization schedules and insect and diesease control. But there are two simple lawn care basics that can really set your lawn apart in the neighborhood and give you the edge over the “Jones’s.” Afterall, don’t we want to look better than our neighbors? Don’t we want our lawns to be the ones talked about at the next meeting of the Home Owners’ Assocation? Here you go:

Clean, weed-whacked landscape edges! “Beauteus Maximus”

yeah, that is my own crib, in case you are wondering!

First off, you need to weed wack around, well, “the edges”: every single time you manicure your lawn. Just look at how beautiful and buttoned up this looks with nice green grass going right up to the landscape beds. If you make sure to do your string trimming each and everytime you mow, it will not take that long to do each time. The mistake folks make is they skip this step here and there and things get away from them and become a hassle.


See how clean this looks after a nice BLADE edging?

Much better than using just the string trimmer. Tight!

Next, and more importantly, you need to use a bladed edger around your driveway and sidewalks. Don’t use your string trimmer for edging as it just does not give the same defined look you get when you use a blade edger. I have an old John Deer trimmer that I purchased about 15 years ago and got an eger attachment for, but you can get ones that work just as well at the link below. Just make sure you have a detachable shaft trimmer that will accept, you guessed it, string trimmer attachments. These edger attachments fit on most string trimmers and weed wackers and are convenient and do a great job for homeowners.


Here is my very old and trusty John Deer edger attachment.

Just make sure your string trimmer will accept attachments.

If it will, then ANY standard edger attachment will work. See below.

Long story short:

1) you need to weed whack and you can do so with a cheap one like the one below (make sure it has detach shaft capability)

2) if you already have a weed wacker with a detachable shaft, then get an edger attachment like these below.

That is really it guys. If your lawn is green then that is one thing, but if you have the edges (the details) cared for as well, you are bound to get noticed on your street. You don’t want to be “that guy” who lets his lawn turn to garbage. Instead, be “the one” who has the perfect lawn that turns heads! It ain’t that difficult!

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