Best Insect Control For Lawns

By Allyn Paul, filed under Home & Lawn Insects, Video Lawn Tips.

I get lots of questions about lawn damaging insects and how to kill them. I did this vid to show you a few things that I recommend in regards to insects like Cinche Bugs, Sod Webworms and Billbugs among others. These insects can cause significant damage to your turf. One bonus of using the lawn insect control that I recommend is that you will also eliminate nuisance pests such as ants, fleas, spider, ticks and also mosquitoes in your lawn!

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2 Responses to “Best Insect Control For Lawns”

  1. John F Says:
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    Hey Allyn,

    Good video. I actually picked up some Spectricide Spray application the other day at Lowe’s. It’s the kind you hook up to your hose. Do you have a reason why you prefer the granular vs. the spray? I was going to apply it this afternoon.


  2. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Hi John,
    I prefer the insect control granules because I can throw them in the landscape beds and not just the lawn.
    But the spray works well too. I use a liquid spray around windows and doors in a hand sprayer also.

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