Lawn Care Treatments: Step By Step For Homeowners

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I am pretty fired up right now because I am announcing the release of my first e-book, “Lawn Care: Step By Step.” This book is a “when to” and “what to” put on your lawn book. What that means is that I am giving you an exact, step-by-step lawn treatment program for the year. The reason I wrote this book is because about 95% of the emails I get are folks asking me what they should be putting down at any given time of the year.

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Lawn Care Step

So here you go! And the good news is this book is only $7. That’s right, just seven bucks.
There are 3 distinct programs in there.
–One for “crappy lawns”
–Another for “decent lawns”
–And another maintenance program for “already nice lawns”

Each program is designed with “green thinking” and “eco-friendly” in mind, because that is where we want to get to. The best part is that you get my balanced approach to organic lawn treatments in addition to the best in synthetic lawn care as well. This is the exact program I use on my own lawn to get the beautiful results you see in the sidebar!
Enough of my blabbering. If you want to know what to put on your lawn this year and when, go fork out the $7 for this 20-page book. It’s all secure with PayPal and the download is immediate when you hit “complete purchase.”

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