Video: DIY Christmas Lights Simple and Classy

By Allyn Paul, filed under Christmas Lights.

It is time to get out and win that unspoken competition you have going with your neighbors over who has the best Christmas Light Display. Fortunately for you, I made this video to show you how to put up Christmas lights without going all “Clark Griswald” up in your crib.

I hope this video comes across well as it is my first full length post in this format. I can tell you that the wind is really bad in much of the video and does distort the audio to the point of annoyance, but there is nothing I can do about that until I invest in some better equipment (which I plan to do very soon). There are also 3 written posts that go along with this video:

Christmas Lights Part 1

Christmas Lights Part 2

Christmas Lights Part 3

The posts and video all work together and should clear up any questions, however, I would be glad to answer any you have: just leave them in the comments below.

(if you are reading this post through the feed, you will need to click on the title of the post above and come to the blog and view the video)

10 Responses to “Video: DIY Christmas Lights Simple and Classy”

  1. Josh Says:
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    Al, the video was great! One suggestion….MOVE TO NC! It was in the 60’s yesterday! LOL

  2. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Josh, thanks for stopping in! Yeah, my folks are in NC and they love the mountains.
    If it were up to me, I’d go back to FLA now! LOL

  3. Caleb Says:
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    Hey Al, I loved the video! It was amazing and very infomative. You did a great job multitasking on the roof. I am glad to see you made it down safely. And the lights look phenominal! I can’t wait to see the next episode on Life and Lawns TV!

  4. How to Put Up Christmas Lights | Life and Lawns Says:
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    [...] How To Put Up Christmas Lights Video [...]

  5. Bryan Says:
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    Very informative. Much better than just reading a post.

  6. Todd Says:
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    Nice video demonstration – I am looking forward to see more of your videos.

  7. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Hey Todd–thanks so much for stopping in and commenting. You are one of my most faithful readers and I really appreciate that.

  8. Nathan Says:
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    What do you think about LED Christmas lights?

    I think the Multicolor LEDs have a more modern look to them. The white LEDs have a more cool look to them unlike traditional lights that have a more soft candle like light.
    You can hook more sets together because they use less energy and the bulbs last longer.

  9. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Hi Nathan,
    LEDs are great! I will be upgrading to LED christmas light possibly next year. thanks for stopping by

  10. Rhonda Says:
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    Thanks so much for the video. I have tried to hang Christmas lights a few times with no success. I never understood how to connect them or where to start so the extension cords did not show and those places where there was a transition. Did you start your lawn lights on each side of the walkway with a different extension cord? Thanks again and I can’t wait to view your other video’s.

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