Christmas Lights: clean, simple, classy (Part 2)

By Allyn Paul, filed under Christmas Lights.

It’s time to put our lights in the yard and on the roof! Isn’t this exciting?
In part 1, we went over the philosophy behind clean, neat and classy Christmas decorations, as well as decided on materials and organization.

Now get up on the roof!
You will find that even with the best of plans, you will inevitably end up having to move some clips around between transitions of peaks and gutters…be patient and think safety! Be sure to stretch the cords completely between lights.

They are manufactured exactly 6″ apart, so there is no need to measure the distance from clip to clip. They will automatically be perfect! Simple right?
When you arrive at a roof peak (point) you may not be lucky enough to have a light end up exactly centered on the point. It will look just fine to “split” the peak as long as you do it evenly on both sides. (see picture)

Now hit the ground. (hopefully you get there by ladder, and not head first in a swan dive off the peak you just did!)
Place the light stakes around the natural curves of your landscape beds.If you happen to hit a dead spot, (a place where there is nowhere to hook the light or where one is not needed) you can just remove the bulb from that socket. Modern lights will operate with missing bulbs. (see picture).

On ground lights, if you have a sharp curve, you can place the lights a little closer together to better define the shape. (see picture)

Finally, using your extension cords, plug everything into your power supplies and set your timers. This is also a good time to make sure all the lights are working. Sometimes they come loose while you are clipping them. As a reminder, be sure you are not putting too many strings in a line or you will blow fuses in the lights, causing a major headache. Follow the guidelines on the lighting package.

Here’s one last tip that will save you some headaches next year!

(never too early to plan ahead.) Since all of your roof line clips are correct now, you should mark the strands of lights end-to-end with some varied color paint. This way, next year, you match up the paint from male-to-female ends and everything should line back up perfectly on the roof. You just need to make a note of the color order and where to start. I am so excited to show you the finished product in Part 3.

This post is #2 in a 3-part series. See below under “You might also like” for the other posts about Christmas Lights.

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  1. Matt Mitchell Says:
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    Excellent post(s)! I had just about decided against lighting up the exterior this year but now you’ve got me thinking that maybe I should.

  2. Jen Schwarz Says:
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    I came over from J & Liz’s blog. Nosey to see who “lawn” was. How nice to see it was you! This is a sharp site& I will be back to explore more because we have a lot of lawn questions. The former owner put in Zoysia (I think that is what it is) and it is a beautiful carpet in the summer but has lots of issues. So we’ll be back. Glad to “see” you. Have a great day!

  3. Allyn Paul Says:
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    Hey Jen, glad to see you here. Tell Dale I said “hello.”
    We have lots of solid tips available here for you guys!

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