Find A Pre Screened Landscape Pro For Lawn Aeration

By Allyn Paul, filed under Lawn Tips.

Ok guys, from the emails I have been getting lately I am finding that many of you really want to have your lawn aerated, but you just don’t have the means to get it done on your own. Nobody ever said that Do-it-yourself lawn care was easy!

It’s ok, I completely understand where you are coming from! Aerating a lawn is NOT an easy task. In fact, just getting the machine home from the rental store requires a truck. If ya-ain’t-gotta truck, then you just can’t rent an aeration machine. In addition, renting a aeration machine will cost around $45 for about 5 hours. But I bet you could find a pro to do it for around $60 and save you the hassle. (assuming you have a 5,000 sq ft lawn or thereabouts.)

By the way, renting an aerator at this late date may be tough to do also! Know why? Because landscape pros like me have rented them for our businesses! Yep, I rent aerators every year. We own about 15 aeration machines but it is inevitable that 2 or 3 will break down and the only way to keep my business going is rent them. (FYI–a professional core aeration machine costs about $3,000 new) so don’t go thinking you are going to buy one for your home use!

Ok, so what can you do? You can check with my friends at Service Magic
and get up to 4 estimates for free! That’s right, you should not spend the time calling all these local landscapers trying to see who can aerate your lawn. Many of them will be booked up anyway. What is better is to use a service like ServiceMagic and let them find the contractors for you. I have used them for electrical work and was very happy with the process. No one called and bothered me. I just got an email letting me know who they’d found and I was able to make my choice from there.

SO to break it down: Yes, you MUST have your lawn aerated this fall. I don’t care how prefect your lawn is, get an aeration ASAP! And finally, check with Service Magic
and let them do all the work for you so you can ust choose which contractor you want to come out and do the actual aeration for you. Do it now!
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